Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Banner

I decided it was about time to have a more professional looking banner at my Misi shop. As I am no computer whiz, I enlisted the help of Misi's Emma. I didn't give her much guidance apart from the colour Purple (my favourite colour), font and name and this is what she has come up with which I think is lovely. So much so I have changed my Blog to it, to promote it!

If you would like to see it on the shop take a peek here

If you would like a shop banner done for yourself click on the following link


  1. Lovely! I've been thinking about updating my look too. I'll have to check your designer out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice banner, the width of the banner on the blog is too wide though and creates horizontal scrollbars. Not what you intended I am sure :)

  3. Thanks, I hadn't noticed!! Have reduced the size slightly.