Monday, 31 August 2009

and the Winner is......

My giveaway has now finished and the winner of these butterfly earrings, chosen by random selector is..........

........Marice. Congratulations, if you email your details I will get them in the post to you.

Misi Monday

I nearly forgot is was Monday, so here is my Misi picks for this week. The theme is green......

how about this lovely cape by Berniolie, perfect over a dress

I love this card with the butterflies by Magic Making Hands, suitable for any occasion

I can but dream of the sun and using this hat by Raffique

and its a shame I am a coffee drinker, as I love the dragonfly on this teabag tidy from Joanna Londo

Friday, 28 August 2009

Time for Folksy Friday

What a week it has been with major computer problems at work, they got one working for us by lunchtime yesterday but that doesn't enable all of us to work at the same time! Wasn't having to go in today but because of the backlog will have to :-(

Anyway on a lighter note these caught my eye on Folksy, my theme today is trees.

This cute bunny by The Linen Cat has a wonderful trees top

and how about these cute buttons from Mollimoo

and this tote is always handy to keep in your bag from Blonde Design

and finally Christmas will be here before we know it, how about this lovely tree by Realicoul Christmas

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bad day at work!!

I have gone back to work for two days now and already feel totally stressed before the new term even starts! The reason is our ICT team have changed the computer server in the hols and lost several of the programs we use! We have not been able to do any work over the hols, as they were doing the change, so whilst we have gone in and opened the post we have not been able to process anything! They are going to look at it again tomorrow but I don't know whether they will get it sorted. It doesn't look as though the next few days are going to be easy :-(

Since I have been home I have made a few items, the first being this lovely funky flower keyring, have you spotted the butterfly inside! I can also make this in blue and pink and have listed it in both my Misi and Folksy shops.

I also made this lovely necklace using a beautiful lampwork bead, my son thinks it looks like a space ship! This is not yet listed, nor is the following green necklace, using green fancy glass squares and green mother of pearl beads. If you are interested before I do, just email me.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I've been tagged and an award!

Michela from the Little secrets from my garden forwarded to me two tags, the first from Cal at Cosy Corner to do the following

blog 6 random things about myself...the rules

1) Link to the person who tagged you

2) Post the rules on your blog

3) Write six random and/or revealing things about yourself

4) Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them

5) Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog...

and here are the random things about myself:-

1) I am a twin

2) favourite colours are purple and green

3) I am a trollbead collector

4) favorite food is roast potatoes......drool, drool

5) keep tropical fish

6) I hate spiders

the second tag was from Bekimarie at The ramblings of an everyday mummy who asked me to list 5 things that make me feel fabulous*beautiful*sexy ...... not sure this is me but here goes

1) fab jewellery

2) wearing a dress, only own 2 everyday ones and a couple of little black dresses!

3) pretty perfume

4) receiving flowers, I do get them sometimes :-)

5) getting a lie in, not nearly as often as I'd like!

I have just received this award from Michela at

with the instruction to list my current 5 obsessions

1 ) forums

2) blogging

3) trollbeads

4) crafting

5) sons homework......don't ask!

I am going to pass this award and tags on to the following lovely people, however, I do know that time is precious so please feel under no obligation.....but we would all love to find out more about you!

Kelso Kreations

Mad about bags

Blonde Design

Knitwits Nonsense

Lej - jewellery

Knitz and Bitz

Monday, 24 August 2009

Misi Monday

For this Misi Monday I have picked purple my favourite colour.

We have lavender outside our front door which the bees are loving at the moment, I thought 'Lilly' the bumble bee by the pinkfairycake would be right at home!

How about this for an unusual birthday surprise, would be perfect for me! from Haybel19

This bag is right at home on my blog page! from Minxturess Store

and this is just what I need for our awful summer, it is raining heavy and feels more like mid-winter! This scarf is from is from Peggy's Knits

I didn't realise how many purple items I had in my store, so I have to include one of mine,

Friday, 21 August 2009

Folksy Friday

We have been so lucky to have a family of bullfinches in our garden for most of the year. However, we haven't seen them for a couple of weeks and thought they had gone. This morning on route to the shower I glanced out the window and there on the feeder were both Mr and Mrs Bullfinch. Here is a photo of Mr Bullfinch stuffing his beak on an earlier visit!

My theme today is therefore going to be birds and the first of my picks is this bird brooch from Kitty eden, I love the flowery design on this one

and owls are a favourite of mine, how cute is this lavender bag from The Linen Cat

I really love the shades of blue in this cushion by Thirtyfive Flowers

and finally to end on another bullfinch, a beautiful felt brooch from Lupin Handmade

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Trollbead box and Bold Heart Necklace

I am a collector of Trollbeads and over time my collection has grown. I have treated myself to this handmade box made of Maple to keep them in. The first level has rods to keep the beads on, the next two levels have 24 sections each to keep beads and the bottom level has sections to keep completed bracelets and necklaces. I have bought it direct from the man who makes them in America, so now have to wait for it to arrive in the post......I really can't wait to sort out my collection!

This is the Bold Heart necklace that I made yesterday, more chunky than my normal jewellery but I really like the bold design. I have listed it in my shops

More supplies arrived in the post this morning so hopefully I will get some time to craft later, a big pile of ironing has my name on it first!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New Charm Bracelets

I have spent the afternoon making charm bracelets. Whilst my favourite colour is purple I think my favourite one is pink!

The purple bracelet is available in my Misi Shop

The pink bracelet is available in my Folksy shop

All other colours available via my website if you would like a bracelet custom made in other colours please just contact me.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Have you had a go on Wordle yet?

I have had an image on my blog for a while and thought I would change it today.

You can make a random image from a list of words.

If you fancy a go here is the link to create your own

Saturday, 15 August 2009


To mark the first anniversary of my website I have decided to have a giveaway and hopefully increase my number of followers at the same time!

I was inspired to make some butterfly earrings, as my new banner includes one!

How do you win, you get one entry for being a follower and another entry if you mention this giveaway on your own blog. Just let me know you have done it in a comment.

The closing date and time will be the end of the month, 31 Aug 09 at 8pm, so plenty of time for you all to have a go. The winner will be chosen by a random selector.

Good Luck everyone!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Banner

I decided it was about time to have a more professional looking banner at my Misi shop. As I am no computer whiz, I enlisted the help of Misi's Emma. I didn't give her much guidance apart from the colour Purple (my favourite colour), font and name and this is what she has come up with which I think is lovely. So much so I have changed my Blog to it, to promote it!

If you would like to see it on the shop take a peek here

If you would like a shop banner done for yourself click on the following link