Saturday, 9 May 2009

Craft Fair at Torrington 1646

Today I have done my first craft fair of the year at Torrington 1646.

This is what their website says about the attraction.

"Great Torrington is particularly famous for the Battle of Torrington in 1646 when, in the English Civil War, the Parliamentarians under Sir Thomas Fairfax, swept into the town and defeated Lord Hopton and his men, marking the end of Royalist resistance in the West-Country.
The Torrington 1646 tourist attraction was set up as part of the Community Development Trust’s Genesis Project and opened in 1999 to bring to life the fascinating and colourful history of Great Torrington. Over the years it has evolved into what is now an almost entirely self-sustaining (2004 posted its first significant profit) and highly successful visitor attraction."

Whilst I had booked a table inside I decide to go outside as the weather was dry. It did nearly rain at one point but held off with only the wind to contend with.

This is an image from last years show as I forgot to take my camera!

The show apparently was quiet to previous years but I was happy with the amount I took.