Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bad day at work!!

I have gone back to work for two days now and already feel totally stressed before the new term even starts! The reason is our ICT team have changed the computer server in the hols and lost several of the programs we use! We have not been able to do any work over the hols, as they were doing the change, so whilst we have gone in and opened the post we have not been able to process anything! They are going to look at it again tomorrow but I don't know whether they will get it sorted. It doesn't look as though the next few days are going to be easy :-(

Since I have been home I have made a few items, the first being this lovely funky flower keyring, have you spotted the butterfly inside! I can also make this in blue and pink and have listed it in both my Misi and Folksy shops.

I also made this lovely necklace using a beautiful lampwork bead, my son thinks it looks like a space ship! This is not yet listed, nor is the following green necklace, using green fancy glass squares and green mother of pearl beads. If you are interested before I do, just email me.

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