Monday, 26 July 2010

New Photos

Although the weather hasn't been ideal today, I have been re-taking some of the photos in my shop. Here are some of the before and after shots. Let me know what you think.

FairlyGirly 1 FairlyGirly 2
FairlyGirly 3 FairlyGirly 4
FairlyGirly 5 FairlyGirly 6
Just click on the pictures to go to the items.

I am hoping the detail of the items are clearer on the slate background. The pink didn't compliment the items as much as it could have done.

To re-take photos for the whole shop is a big job though and with the changeable weather it could take me a few days to get it all done!


  1. the new pictures are a huge improvement! it's amazing the differnce the lighting makes...and funnily enough I am in the process of doing the same thing, but I am only doing a certain amount of items a day - it is going to be a long process but I don't mind, it will be worth it.

    the bracelet in particular is good, the colours look completely different!

  2. Wow the first one looks like a different piece.
    They are much better. I know how you feel I started updating mine once was a nightmare. I haven't put anything on folksy for a while. Must get back into gear really. x

  3. i really like them too, i think the colours look completely different in both backgrounds!