Friday, 30 July 2010

Folksy Friday

My Folksy Friday selection today is on leaves

Leanne Woods Designs 1 NOfkants Curios 2
Ali Bali Jewellery 3 Shady Lamps 4
Clutterbux 5 Amy OrangeJuice 6
Just click on the pictures to go to the items.

Top: Leanne Woods Designs ~~ NOfkants Curios
Middle: Ali Bali Jewellery ~~ Shady Lamps
Botton: Clutterbux ~~ Amy OrangeJuice

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Thank you for including my little tote bag, it's been a really popular one. I love the oak leaf print sachel, it's very nice.

  2. lovely choices, I love the leaf keyring and the lovely print on Leanne's bag too.

  3. Hello from sunny Cyprus! Thank you so much for incluing my leaf gemstone keyring! All the items are just lovely, leaves are one of my favourite things.

    Natalie x

  4. thank you so much for including me! what lovely items I am a bit obsessed with leaves, glad I am not alone! Amy x

  5. I really love that Oak tree leaf bag..x