Friday, 30 April 2010

Folksy Listing Club

Back at the beginning of April Becky from Red Bird Jewellery
said she was going to list an item a day for the month of April
and was looking for some mad fools to join her.
The Folksy Foolers were formed!

Nofkants Curios 1 dixxy Izzy 2
Accidental Vix 3 FairlyGirly 4
GlitterRT 5 the Sequinned Sheep 6

During the month we have all got to know each other better,
sharing in good news and bad and supporting each other
through the challenge.
There has been a core of people who have managed all month,
congrats to you all.
Others have come and gone during the month and it
has been lovely to have you join in too.

JCU Designs 1 Red Bird Jewellery 2
Pants and paper 3 Steampunk Storm 4
Card Making Princess 5 the Pink Fairy Cake 6

The pictures are a collection of items created by
the group during the month of April.
Just click on the pictures to take you to their wonderful shops.


If you would like to join in it is all about
to start again with another group, the Mayhemmers.

Good luck to you all for May!


  1. Thank you for including one of my handbags! Boy it has been a challenge, but rewarding in so many ways, not sadley for me in large sales, but I really feel I'm part of a community, a family of mad folksy fools!

    Natalie x

  2. Well done everyone with the challenge!!

  3. it's been such good fun - thanks to everyone for joining in and making it a fantastic april.
    I'll be blogging about results soon (i.e. did it actually make any difference to our sales!!?) Whether it did or not, it's been a great way to get to know some other sellers.

  4. Lovely selection - well done on your challenge!

  5. Wow, one a day that's great! How would someone sign up to Mayhemmers?!
    Please come and see my FF book club collection if you can! Cheers Marie x

  6. Well done, I really think it's a fantastic idea! I would love to join in for the Mayhemmers but don't think I could manage one item a day. Good luck to you all
    Cate x

  7. Great challenge....well done you and all the other Folksters! (-:

  8. It has been a fantastic month, well done to us all! I've absolutely loved getting to know you all so well, and am so going to miss those of you who are leaving us for May. Please do pop back in and say hi and list a few things though! To all newcomers, welcome and good luck! It is a challenge, but so much fun too!
    Thank you for featuring my bracelet Honey, I'm ever so grateful! C. xxx

  9. I want to join in but i'll be away for some of May. I'll have to stash up in time for June. :o)

  10. Wow, that is some challenge! Thank you so much for visiting my blog because now I've found yours too! Thanks for plugging my giveaway comp as well! Best wishes from Cornwall x