Friday, 16 April 2010

Folksy Friday

For my Folksy Friday this week I have chosen

some items listed this week by the

Folksy Listing Club.


We have now got to day 16

and must of us are still there.
Well done to everyone,
there is some lovely items being listed.


  1. I featured the Made with love bag, Steampunk Storm necklace, and some Beady Pool earrings! We're doing so well getting to Day 16!! *Big pat on the back to everyone*

  2. I love the cushion cover. Wishing I had joined now will have to do it again.
    My friend told me how to get the cutest blog bit off the body of the writing I'll see if I can find her instructions if you like?!

  3. Thanks, the cutest blog bit is annoying but I've never worked out how to move it!

  4. Hi again,

    Ok I think from memory you go into customise and choose the tab choose new layout. You need minima, (or minimisa). Anyway it's the first choice on the first box of choices.
    It wont change your layout but it should move the cutest blog bit.

    If it doesn't work let me know.