Saturday, 24 October 2009

Secret Santa

This year I am organising a Secret Santa for the girls on the Misi website. Last night was the deadline for the names of those wanting to take part. This morning all the names were written down,

but before they could be put into Santa, I had a slight accident..........

his hat, the lid fell off and crashed to the table, smashing into an unbelieveable amount of pieces, James said "stick it back together, Daddy won't know", not even I could manage that one!!

The names were put into Santa.......

and James did the honours, slightly camera shy this morning as he was still in his PJ's!

Everyone has now been sent the details of who they are making for and the gifts will be posted at the end of Nov.
I look forward to hearing about and seeing what everyone has received.
Thanks to those who are taking part.

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