Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A gift from Art by Mimi

This is the gorgeous gift my son received from Mimi. She has started to make these pillows and asked for names and themes in a giveaway. I suggested planes, as my son loves them and his name is James. He loves it and spent the evening carrying it around! If you would like one to, take a look at her shop ART BY MIMI.

Along with the gift came this beautiful card, depicting St Ives Harbour.........I am originally from Cornwall but haven't been to St Ives for a few years now which is a shame!

So as not to leave Mummy and Daddy out, Mimi sent us these wonderful coasters of Puffins, one of our favourite birds, these are also available here.

A very BIG thank you to Mimi and mum Diane for these gifts, from us all.


  1. The coasters are lovely, will definitely be having a look at Mimi's shop.

  2. You are on a winning spree!!!!

  3. You've given the game away now Jo! Wait for later in the week (need some light for photos) to see the lovely beads I won from Jo.