Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I've had mail!

The postman brought a lovely surprise this morning.
A package all the way from Italy and my blog friend Michela,
When I opened the envelope, I discovered two gifts and a card. The paper was beautiful butterflies and the ribbons in my favourite colours of green and purple!
The green gift was these beautiful beads, containing a flower design.
They really are so pretty, I am not sure I have been able to do them justice in this photo.

The purple gift, was this little bag with my initial embroidered on it. So pretty as well, perfect for a lavender bag, or even to store some nice beads!

Michela, the gifts are wonderful and shows a lot of thought was put to them.

A very BIG thank you.

Michela was taking part in a pay it forward, having received a gift herself she then sends one on to someone else, in the hope that they too will forward on a gift to someone.

As I was lucky enough to receive two gifts, I would like to send a little gift to two other people.

It is so nice to get surprises in the mail!

I will send a gift to the first two people to comment on this post.

Please email me your addresses and I will send it during

the next month when you least expect it!


  1. hi lorraine, those green flower beads are just gorgeous and unexpected parcels in the post are a sure way to brighten up anyones day!!!

  2. That is so nice of her!! I am a new follower of your blog so I really don't expect for you to send me a gift of any sort!

    Anyways, those flower beads are gorgeous! They don't even look like beads, they look like a decoration for your house or something, soooo beautiful!!


  3. ..Hi Lorraine...I had to wait for 2 comments before leaving mine..he he! Thank you for your very kind words, hope you have a great weekend! xxx